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All kinds of energy-saving insulation aluminum series Qingyuan Taoyuan gold Aluminum Co. Ltd., located in Guangdong province Qingyuan City Shek Kok town circular economy industrial park, adjacent to the Sanshui District of Foshan City, convenient transportation "is a large-scale comprehensive professional production Aluminum Alloy profiles and various industrial profiles of the company covers an area of 70 square meters. The company was founded in z011, with aluminum build energy-saving concept, the company is committed to building the best quality aluminum products. Company has strong technical strength, with 500 employees, senior technical personnel Z0 people. The company has 2 seats, the furnace production line, mold aluminum extrusion production line 1s, spraying production line 2, oxidation production line 2, wear rubber insulation material production line 2, transfer printing production line 2, mechanical polishing, sandblasting production line Z 3 production lines with an annual output capacity of a 45000 tons.